Drive Into the Future with Flux Tracey

Drive Into the Future with Flux: Tracey’s Story

In the quiet countryside of Northamptonshire, a lady named Tracey, who works as a bookkeeper for a major company, experienced a life-changing moment last Friday. She took delivery of her brand-new MG HS Trophy automatic, exactly in the colour and specification she desired! Tracey and her husband were thrilled to receive a vehicle with only delivery miles on it, gleaming in the summer sun.

What truly amazed us during this delivery was Tracey’s journey to getting her new car. Despite being referred by a reputable finance company that couldn’t assist her, Tracey remained proactive. She swiftly responded to all documentation requests and paid her joining fees without hesitation. When she finally saw her vehicle, she expressed how she had parted with nearly £2k and submitted her personal documentation, yet she still felt it was too good to be true. But at Flux, we make the incredible possible.

Are you employed with a regular income? Can you afford monthly payments for a car? If so, take a page from Tracey’s book and secure yourself a brand-new car with Flux. Our comprehensive car subscription plans include service and maintenance, leaving you to simply fuel and insure your vehicle.

Consider this: Why buy a used car for £10,000 and pay £471 per month over 36 months at a steep 50% APR, with no service, maintenance, or warranty included? With Flux, you could be driving a brand-new car for as low as £299 per month!

And if you’re not currently in the market for a car but know someone who is, refer them to Flux and earn a tidy side income. At Flux, we turn dreams into reality. It’s not too good to be true; it’s true and it’s good!

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Experience the ease and reliability of car subscription with Flux. Join us today and drive into the future with confidence.

Credit: The Flux Team